What people say

“It’s so useful to have a space where I can remove myself from the day to day of the office and think about the bigger picture and it really has helped shape future plans.” MJ

“An original who crosses boundaries between disciplines. Always expect to be surprised by Morgan. Pleasantly.” RW

“We got to the answer just when we said we would need it. This couldn’t have come at a better time.” NW

“An inspiration to work with” AM

“Having a life coach rocks!” MA

“It’s been so creative, fun and challenging to be coached by you. I’ve felt my strength and courage grow when you’ve always been so attentive – listening to my unspoken motivations and dreams, and pushing me towards them. Thanks to you, I’m gathering huge amounts of momentum.” MU

“Great to work with. Lots of integrity.” SP

“You’ve had a massive influence on me, just getting everything balanced.” AS

“Morgan is undoubtedly a fantastic coach. Someone who can think ‘out of the box’ and understand any leaps that you’re trying to make in your life. I’m taking a career break to reassess where I’m going and his expertise, support, enthusiasm and undoubted encouragement has made me move leaps and bounds in the right direction with conviction and belief. If you’re thinking of trying something new in your career, not sure how/when to make the break then I think his style of ‘coaching towards an unconventional life’ would really suit you so I hope you’ll take him up on it.” TK

“Coaching is the most positive form of counselling ever! And I never thought I’d say that. Give it a try if you feel stuck, restricted, stressed by any part of your life. I’ve been talking to Morgan Holt, I think you should too.” MA

“I would be delighted to recommend you as I would be doing people a favour!” GH

“You really embody the co-active model in a powerful and dynamic way. I love it.” DB