How it works

By talking, challenging, setting goals, changing them as life changes around you, growing into the life you want.

Results will come quickly. We’ll explore your goals early on and you’ll see the impact in your daily life in the first few weeks.

And as we start to uncover the heart of what makes you really special, your goals will come within reach and your impact will be clear.

You probably have questions…

What is coaching?
Coaching is a way of identifying what matters to you and then focusing on how to make that a part of your everyday life.

I have been trained by the Coach Training Institute in ‘co-active’ coaching, which uses self-awareness, agile relationships, and courageous action to evoke transformation in clients. The “co” stands for connection, curiosity and working together. The “active” stands for power, direction and action. Together, it’s about achieving goals.

Can I try before I buy?
Yes. I offer everyone a free 45-minute sample session on the phone or skype. Email me to arrange one.

Phone? Face to face?
You can be anywhere. I am based in London but my clients live and work across the world. So most of my coaching is conducted on the phone or skype.

How frequent are sessions? How many do I need?
Sessions last 45-minutes, although we may sometimes decide to do longer sessions.

You will benefit most if you allow a couple of weeks between sessions to start putting your new learning into action. You’ll get homework and tasks to ensure this is where the growth and action takes place.

Clients usually sign up for a 3-month period, after which we can decide whether you’d like to stretch your goals even further.

Is everything confidential?
Everything. I adhere to the International Coaching Federation code of ethics.

Any more questions? Just ask me.