For those who seek an unconventional life

Are you a career-changer who wants life to fit better than the one that comes off someone else's shelf? I'll help you find your purpose and power to make an unconventional life the best life worth living.

I’m a business coach, marketing mentor and personal branding expert who supports people who have chosen an unconventional life.

Are you a creative thinker who wants to be a courageous leader?
Or an entrepreneur who wants to be a major-league maverick?
Or a career-changer who has done well and now wants to explore a different tree?

I have personally worked in a diverse variety of executive positions so I understand the challenges of forging an unconventional career – and how rewarding it is when you succeed.

And as a global brand strategist I know how to apply the core questions of personal and corporate branding to help you stand out, communicate your purpose to the world, and make an unconventional life the best life worth living.

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